Adom Coin is the Decentralized Distribution Platform for Content Creators, that targets the Music & Entertainment Industries.


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What is Adom Coin?

Adom Coin (ADO) is the decentralized distribution platform that introduces the concept of revenue generation and injections through content creation from and for the community.

ADO targets the Music & Entertainment industries, a solution with the purpose of making music and entertainment accessible for anyone while generating value from and to its community, by giving the tools to distribute their creation with full control. Empowering content creators through blockchain.

The Creators - The power in the hands of the community

Building a community that shares the same vision and principles, trusting the project, and even promoting it with the objective of generating income. A community that does not require intervention from our side, we will continuously improve the platform, create content, and publish info about the progress of the project. The main essence of being a creator, we create but we don’t control.

Revenue generation and injection through content creation

The main advantage of Adom Coin is the revenue generation through content creation for and from its community. We will create different channels to promote content creations that will be shared by the community for the community, generating revenue that will be injected into Adom Coin independently of the current price, increasing the market cap and its value.

The Music & Entertainment industries are just the beginning, we aim to target more industries as we will evolve with Adom Coin progress.


2% Reflection

You will automatically receive an instant 2% share by just having Adom Coin in your wallet

4% Sell Tax 

Used for Promotion, Research and Development

20% Burn

Every 90 days, we will burn 100T, until we reach 20% of the total supply


  • 40% Initial Sale (Liquidity Pool)

  • 30% To be distributed and listed

  • 20% Burn

  • 10% Locked for 2 years


Q1 2022
First Adom Coin Sale (PancakeSwap) - Completed
First Marketing Campaings, Spread Awareness - Completed
First Adom Coin Burn - Completed
Build The Creators Community - Completed
Launch Social Networks - Completed
Coin Market Cap Approval
Coingecko Approval
New Listing
Q2 2022
Adom Coin 2.0 (New development)
Content Creation
Marketing Campaings
Adom Coin Burn
New Listings
Contract Audit
Q3-4 2022
Market Place Release
Content Creation
Marketing Campaings
Adom Coin Burn
New Listings
Pre-Distribution Token Integration

How to Buy

Start: January 06, 2022, Thursday, 01:00 AM (GMT)
Token: Adom Coin (ADO)
Protocol: BEP20
Tax: 4%
Holder Reward: 2%

1 - Get MetaMask Wallet

Go to and install their app (available on Chrome Web Store, iOS, and Android). MetaMask Wallet is a trusted, and secure wallet in the crypto space. Make sure to always secure your wallet.

2 - Add Binance Smart Chain Network

Make sure to add the Binance Smart Chain network into your MetaMask Wallet before you can purchase Adom Coin.

3 - Buy BNB or USDT

Purchase BNB or USDT on any exchange, such as, and transfer your funds into your virtual wallet.

4 - Go to PancakeSwap and buy Adom Coin

Go to PancakeSwap, connect your wallet and buy Adom Coin, Set your Slippage to 5-6%. If you can’t find Adom Coin, you can import the token in your wallet and PancakeSwap. Please, use the address below.

The following address is for the Adom Coin Contract. It is NOT a deposit address. DO NOT send tokens to it.



Where can I hold my Adom Coin?

You can keep your Adom Coin on any BEP-20 compatible wallet. A couple of popular options are MetaMask and TrustWallet.

How do I earn the 2% reflections?

The 2% distribution will happen automatically as long as you are holding Adom Coin on your wallet. Adom Coin held on any exchange will not be eligible due to the nature of the Centralized Exchange.

What is The Creators?

The Creators is the name of our community, every member is a creator. The main essence of The Creators is that every member has the power to create and promote, working as a single organism, with decentralized control.

How Adom Coin is related to Content Creation?

The way Adom Coin will generate revenue is through content creation (Music, Video, Games, etc.), we will create our content and we will also promote content created by the community. We will use different channels to generate revenue. Further collaborations with musicians, artists, influencers, and YouTubers, will happen as we are planning to produce/promote/sponsor different type of content.

What is revenue injection?

The content created will generate revenue, this revenue will be injected into Adom Coin in order to raise the market cap and add more value to the platform.

Who is Hitoshi Ayama?

Hitoshi Ayama is an idea, ideology, a concept, a belief, an individual or group of individuals, men/women among gods, and gods among men/women. We are all Hitoshi Ayama and nobody is Hitoshi Ayama.

Why there is no intervention from the creator of Adom Coin?

The main essence of The Creators community is to create without any intervention, there will be rules that must be followed in order to protect every creator, but as Adom Coin Creators we shall not intervene leaving the power in hands of its community.

What is the market place mentioned in the Roadmap?

Adom Coin goes one step ahead by creating a physical distribution token to create and promote physical products, this is a work-in-progress, as there are some limitations, tax, and other legal or regulatory mandates issued by the government and/or local municipalities.

Adom Coin Creators will never message you asking for any kind of information related to your wallet, ID, or password, and we will never send you an invitation link to any group. Please, double-check our list of updated links and report any suspicious activity to