Committed to protecting your best interests while growing our Community – The Creators

Actions we are taking and we will take:


  • We will build a community based on trust and a shared vision
  • We will create and innovate generating income and injecting the same income into our platform to raise the price of our token
  • We will be always transparent with our community but we will not intervene in any discussion
  • We will not hire influencers to promote fake recommendations of our token or initiate an ICO, or any private sale, as it goes against our principles
  • We will promote Adom Coin employing our own Marketing Strategies, any feedback received from the community will be organic, even if it takes longer
  • We will give support only if it is really necessary, we will not give any support related to third-parties scams or non-official links that are not related to us
  • We will not ask for any kind of donation to our Wallet address or similar, your contribution is your donation, in promoting Adom Coin, or sharing content created by Adom Coin Community – The Creators, if someone asks for a Donation, it is a Scam¬†

Before investing in Adom Coin:


  • We recommend you to take it as an investment, and do not invest your life savings in any token, including ours. Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile
  • We recommend you to be informed before making the decision of investing, for that reason, please, read our Whitepaper
  • Adom Coin is a long-term project with decentralized control in the hands of its community, if you decide to be part of this community, you will be part of The Creators, so keep in mind that your contribution is essential for our success
  • We aim to achieve a 10 billion USD market cap, but you will be free to buy/sell your Adom Coins whenever you want, there are no “paper hands” or “diamonds hands” in our community, only Creators

Secure your Wallet:


  • We are not going to access your wallet, our website has not implemented a connection to any wallet. But to buy Adom Coins you may be required to allow wallet connect to third parties. Good practices should be taken into consideration while allowing any kind of connection, please, make sure to do your due diligence before allowing any kind of connection to your wallet
  • Be careful with online services and use two-factor authentication
  • Backup and encrypt your wallet
  • DO NOT fall for giveaways scams, impersonating Adom Coin Creator (Hitoshi Ayama), or any public persona or company
  • Ignore Phishing Emails, Pishing Websites, or Any password recovery message. Remember that we will never contact you asking for any personal information, we will never contact you, period…That is the essence of Adom Coin, decentralized Community

Adom Coin Creators will never message you asking for any kind of information related to your wallet, ID, or password, and we will never send you an invitation link to any group. Please, double-check our list of updated links and report any suspicious activity to